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Embracing innovation is the key to achieving a digital mine, according to a 2017 Deloitte study. Integral to that relationship is a diverse, connected and well-trained workforce, says the study. Aside from keeping your mine one step ahead of the technology curve, continuous learning and improvement are great motivators for staff who are keen to build long and rewarding careers.

This year, we are adding more technical sessions to the Mining track at HxGN LIVE in Las Vegas, June 12-15. Improving workflows, learning best practices, and extracting greater information from your data is at the heart of these sessions, which will help you optimize your digital strategy.

Combining the strengths of Hexagon’s businesses, HxGN LIVE provides an exciting lineup of innovative technologies, exclusive presentations by industry experts, training, inspiring keynotes from thought leaders, and networking opportunities with peers from around the world.

The recurring challenges of mine planning and mine operations will be covered, which will encourage dialog and feedback. In an intimate classroom setting, get questions answered and discuss best practices with your peers.

Preview the sessions here:

Data Workflow Implementation and Management

The mining industry has dramatically increased the amount of data that is being captured and utilized every day through fleet management and automated data collection systems. The amount of data can be overwhelmingly difficult to incorporate into daily operations and decision making.

Gain practical knowledge of the techniques involved in implementing and managing operations data into daily reporting and decision making with an emphasis on KPIs, data collection points, and processes. This session will include presentations using real examples with theoretical alternatives, discussing their pros and cons.

Fleet Management Administration and Optimization

With all the features of a modern Fleet Management System (FMS), where do you begin with adapting site practices to best utilize your FMS? How do you take advantage of the near instant access to operations data?

Learn the overall administration of our FMS, optimization usage, major features, and product roadmap. The session will include presentations on best practices, change management, and discussions of real-world issues and solutions.

Mine Planning Tips and Tricks

Time is of the essence for busy mine planners who are under pressure to balance demands for greater productivity while reconciling their plans with reality. Learn tips and tricks to better navigate our mine planning software interface and to streamline your everyday workflows.

The session will help you find ways to improve your software experience and leverage our growing technological solutions.

Planning and Operation Integration

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are quickly becoming prominent in the earth sciences and engineering fields. UAS photogrammetry is being applied all over the world for their ability to collect high-resolution, multi-perspective, multi-sensor imagery for open-pit site characterization.

We offer an array of photogrammetry solutions for planning and operations. Learn the best strategies for integrating data between these platforms to obtain accurate, real-time results.

Geologic Modeling Workflow

Sigma, Geologic and Logic are recent additions to our mine planning software suite and significantly assist the creation of process workflows for modeling with security roles, an audit trail, and flexible data sources in mind.

Learn more about these solutions and their capabilities for user-friendly workflows applied to drillholes, modeling, and everything in-between.

Mine Planning Workflow

We’ll dive deep into our extensive suite of mine planning solutions to cover resource models, reserves in final pit, and short-term plans. The session will cover how these solutions can help you solve increasingly difficult challenges within the mine planning realm.

HxGN LIVE’s Mining track presents an exciting array of technology, including mine planning and modeling software, fleet management and machine guidance products, collision avoidance and vehicle intervention systems, and survey and monitoring solutions. See the latest innovation to help underground mines together with our mobile tablet-based task management solutions. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of how we are integrating all this technology into an IoT-enabled digital platform.

Interested in these dynamic learning opportunities? Contact to register and for more information. Join us at HxGN LIVE in Las Vegas, June 12-15.

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