HxGN MinePlan 2023 Release 2 features new geostatistics and scheduling enhancements

The MinePlan team has been actively listening and incorporating valuable client feedback and as a result have implemented various improvements. This latest release encompasses several exciting features and enhancements across a range of our existing tools.

What’s New in MinePlan Geosciences?

Multiple Indicator Variogram Analysis

Multiple indicator variogram analysis has been added to the MinePlan Sigma geostatistics solution. Geologists can now conveniently analyze their overlain multiple indicator variograms, select parameters for Multiple Indicator Kriging, and then send the selected parameters directly to Model Interpolation tool for interpolation. This adds another important tool to the geostats toolkit for more accurate modeling of complex datasets with skewed distributions, where more traditional variogram models may not be appropriate.

Figure 1. MIK variogram analysis can be run in MinePlan Sigma with input data and results visualized in MinePlan 3D.

Gavin Clarkson, Senior MinePlan Advisor and Business Development Manager, explains the new functionality in a Tech Tip video.

Performance & User Experience Improvements

A job queue has also been added to MinePlan Sigma, so users can batch create and update their complex geostatistical charts in the background while continuing to analyse their data in real time.

What’s New in HxGN MinePlan Activity Scheduler?

New Remote Data Store and Public API

This release encompasses the new remote data store and the public API for MinePlan Activity Scheduler, which provides a powerful toolset for communicating the schedule. Activity Scheduler is the natural cross-over point to communicate key data of the schedule with stakeholders such as fleet management and machine guidance. This new remote data store also enables collaborative access, enabling multiple users to connect to the same project and effectively communicate project changes through configurable notifications.

Performance Improvements

This release brings many enhancements that improve the performance when working with complex projects in Activity Scheduler. These improvements are aimed at speeding up computation times around load times as well as schedule performance.

Workflow Improvements

Reclaim Activities are now supported in Truck Levelling!

Truck Levelling is a solution that enables the user to create an optimal tactical schedule considering the limited amount of equipment. Activity Scheduler now includes an extra layer of accuracy by including reclaim activities as part of this solution.

What’s New in HxGN MinePlan Schedule Optimizer?

Performance Improvements

200% Performance Improvement!!!

MinePlan Schedule Optimizer is focused on clients who like the adaptability and functionality which enables them to solve the most complex of problems. By targeting performance improvements of the optimisation engine, this new release enables schedules to be run approximately twice as fast, getting you to your results more quickly.

Workflow Improvements

Schedule Optimizer also now also enables users to configure Discrete Items for reporting purposes.

Watch the tech tip video.

Check out Hexagon’s Mining division’s Mining Client Community for a complete list of updates to HxGN MinePlan, and to download the latest release.

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