HxGN MinePlan 2023 Release 3 introduces Sigma v2.0 and Schedule Optimiser improvements

The MinePlan team has been listening and working hard to incorporate valuable client feedback, and we’re excited to share the resulting improvements with you! Keep reading to learn about all the new features and enhancements you can expect from the third MinePlan release of 2023.  

Introducing MinePlan Sigma v2.0


Geostatistical analysis can now handle even the largest of drillhole datasets in MinePlan Sigma. Variograms now compute over 100x faster, dataset size limits have been eliminated, and performance with drilling data from Drillhole Manager has been greatly improved throughout the entire Sigma solution

Dynamic Variogram Interpretation

Analysing variograms can be a difficult task, as it is visually interpretive and somewhat subjective. Yet it can have a big impact of the accuracy of resource estimation, and as such it is critical to obtain the best variographic fit possible.

MinePlan Sigma has some new and powerful enhancements to facilitate this interpretive process, including the added visualization of variogram maps and variogram ellipsoids in the 3D viewer. Users can now dynamically visualize and adjust their variogram orientations and magnitudes relative to their drillhole and other geological data in the 3D viewer.

The new Multi Lag Distance option is another key enhancement to facilitate rapid variogram interpretation. Users can now precompute up to 100 variograms at different lag distances, and easily scroll through them to compare and select the optimal variogram for fitting.

Gavin Clarkson, MinePlan Advisor, explains the new functionality in a Tech Tip video.

What’s New in HxGN MinePlan Schedule Optimiser?

Workflow Improvement

Lock Scheduled Periods 

Experience the power of locking scheduled periods with MinePlan Schedule Optimiser! No more reworking schedules from scratch. Effortlessly tweak cuts, destinations, and grade items on the fly with this groundbreaking feature, taking MinePlan Schedule Optimizer to new heights of efficiency. 


Cycle time calculations are now 3 times faster!

Experience speed performance when calculating cycle times in MinePlan Schedule Optimizer, as we have fine-tuned the computation process. Say goodbye to the days when cycle time computation times for complex configurations slowing you down! Even with multiple mining areas, stockpiles and destinations, cycle time computation times have never been more efficient.

Sarah Hooper, Senior MinePlan Advisor, explains the new functionality in a Tech Tip video.

Check out Hexagon’s Mining division’s Mining Client Community for a complete list of updates to HxGN MinePlan, and to download the latest release.  

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