Improved Model Calculation Tool broadens its surroundings

By Ryan Sheppard, Product Owner

Since its release in 2015, MineSight’s Model Calculation Tool (MCT) has been helping geologists with a faster, easier way to run calculations when updating their model. The product is quicker than previous coding tools and offers both a QuickCalc and a Python coding section, depending on the complexity of the code.

The MCT quickly became popular with customers because it delivers greater flexibility when dealing with multiple models. Under Advanced Options, users can run calculations that reference items stored in two different models within one PCF. They can directly use the items in one model to calculate the value of blocks in another, or they can directly transfer the item values between the models.

This represents unique functionality to aid in the model building and updating process. Auditability of the model calculation process also improved with the multiple detailed reports.

However, a non-scripted solution for the user to select their own set of surrounding blocks for use in a dilution calculation had not been available in MCT. Users had to depend on less capable tools to do this in fixed ways. Customers told us that they want to be able to work with surrounding blocks to make more informed calculations.

And now they can!

The latest release of MineSight 3D adds the ability to use surrounding blocks in your calculations. We’ve made calculations more robust, so a diluted grade can be calculated and stored in the model. This enhancement is available to all MineSight users as a core feature. Here’s how.


By setting up surround block mode you can utilize the surrounding block tokens in the python script.

Image 1: Setting up surround block mode to use python model calculation scripts.

This allows you to select the surrounding blocks with which to dilute a block grade and use your own equation for the calculation.

Image 2: Select the surrounding blocks and use your own equation for the calculation.

Utilize the values of surrounding blocks in calculations for each block with the Model Calculation Tool. The latest version is available with the release of MineSight 3D Version 12.60-1.

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