Hexagon MinePlan 2024 Release 1 introduces Sigma v2.1 and Electric Trucks in Haulage for Schedule Optimiser

Introducing MinePlan Sigma v2.1

Hexagon’s MinePlan team is thrilled to share multiple enhancements to the latest version of Hexagon MinePlan Sigma that help with geostatistical analysis.

Cross Variograms

Comparing two different variables can now be performed using cross and crosscollocated variograms in Sigma. This provides critical information for co-kriging interpolation.  Possible variable combinations that can be analysed are grade from two different sets of data, such as exploration holes and blasthole assays; or two variables from the same data set, such as gold and silver. 

Variogram Overlay

Variograms can now be visually analysed on the same graph using the Variogram Overlay tool.  These variograms can be filtered by direction and dip to ensure only relevant variograms are assessed. 

Cutoff Analysis

Geologists must indicate different cutoff grades for multiple indicator kriging interpolation. MinePlan Sigma’s Cutoff Analysis tool will create cutoffs with equivalent metal content automatically, depending on the geologist’s requirements. Manual cutoffs can also be entered for analysis.

Watch a Tech Tip from Hexagon’s Gavin Clarkson:

Electric Trucks in Haulage for MinePlan Schedule Optimiser

Hexagon’s groundbreaking update introduces a dedicated electric truck category within the Haulage and MinePlan Schedule Optimiser solution. This advancement enables precise measurement of electric energy consumption, including accounting for regenerative braking during downhill hauls. Additionally, a sophisticated electricity cost model ensures accurate cost estimations, aligning with mining companies’ sustainability goals and cost-saving objectives.

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