HxGN MinePlan’s newest release adds Truck Leveling tool to Activity Scheduler

MinePlan Release 4 2021 brings new functionality to MinePlan Activity Scheduler (MPAS) along with other improvements to modernize the software. Let’s look at the newest tool.

Short-range mine planning is the major communications channel between mine planning and operations. The Truck Leveling tool introduced in MPAS allows mining engineers to optimize the material movement based on a schedule objective and then limit the over-utilization of trucks by automatically derating the shovels.

This helps eliminate over-utilization to create the most practical schedule possible in a short amount of time. It can reduce fleet size to ensure the mine plan is achievable.

Alberdin Quintana, Team Lead Senior Mine Planning Specialist, explains the functionality of the tool in a Tech Tip video.

Along with this great new tool, the latest release modernizes the MinePlan interface, pathing the way for more enhancements, including French-language interfaces for long-term and short-term open pit packages.

To download the latest version of MinePlan or other product releases, visit our Client Center or contact technical support to find out more about the release.

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