Audiences respond to digital mining message

By Neville Judd, Communications Director

As HxGN LOCAL Mining 2017 passes its halfway mark, it’s encouraging to reflect on feedback to our free, educational seminar series. “This is not a marketing event, it’s a technology event,” stressed Hexagon Mining President, Hélio Samora, at our Tucson LOCAL in September.

Speaking after his keynote, Shaping the Digital Mine, Samora added: “My goal was to trigger the customers and the visitors to start to think about their digital strategy. We can help them to create a solid, cohesive digital strategy, that will allow them to produce more, be more profitable, and make their mines safer.”

Besides Tucson, at HxGN LOCAL Mining events in Perth, Lima, Vancouver, and Johannesburg, the message of digital transformation, of optimizing processes for safe and streamlined operations, has resonated with attendees.

Digital transformation platform

“Watching the technical presentations and listening to the speeches from the clients as well as the Hexagon Mining staff has been very enlightening to understand where clients are coming from and where they’re going to on the digital transformation platform from Hexagon,” said Justin Schmidt, VP of Sales and Business Development for San Diego-based sensemetrics.

“Seeing the hands-on demos and the interactive videos, also give you a sense of reality that the technology is there now and that’s important.”

At the Vancouver LOCAL, consultant Matt Erickson of Moose Mountain Technical Services was particularly impressed with the Virtual Reality Wall, and the chance to walk through and interact with a virtual mine plan via the HTC Vive.

“A lot of what I am interested in are the new visualization tools,” said Erickson, adding. “I get to meet other users, keep abreast of where the products are, and how I can use those tools.”

Attendees appreciated the event’s organization and networking opportunities.

Networking at HxGN LOCAL Mining 2017

“It’s great to get face-to-face time with people,” said geologist, Ian Merkel of Suacuí Mineracáo, who had traveled from southeastern Brazil to attend the Tucson event. “The conference is well organized, well attended, it’s been very easy to understand what the program is going to look like, and I’m very impressed with the space allocated to work with the folks at Hexagon.”

Agung Prawasono, Senior Manager, Mine Planning at Kinross Gold, who had traveled to Tucson from Toronto, Canada, agreed: “For sure, networking is one of the important aspects of why we are coming here. We can learn from other users and check: Are we using the latest tools available? Can we do something different? Are there new tools, tips and tricks?”

Register for HxGN LOCAL Mining 2017

Visitors to our remaining HxGN LOCAL Mining events in Brisbane, (Nov. 14-16) Santiago, (Nov. 20-21) and Lampang, (Nov. 20-21) can expect a similar mix of engaging technical presentations from staff and clients, dynamic demos of our solutions, and numerous networking opportunities. We’ll also be hosting a digital version of the event Nov. 30.

Visit our event website to register and learn more about the event schedule and speakers in your region. And watch our Tucson mashup video for a flavor of what’s to come!

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