HxGN MinePlan Project Evaluator our newest tool to optimize your life of mine

1 New and exciting tool MinePlan Project Evaluator with modern workflow-based interface

Pit optimization is too important to be left to outdated interfaces and old programs understood by only the most experienced members of your staff. Manual configuration takes valuable time and it can be difficult to consider multiple scenarios, especially when your ability to create modern reports is limited. Our new strategic planning solution changes that.

Introducing HxGN MinePlan Project Evaluator, (MPPE) part of our MinePlan Engineering suite!

MPPE is a strategic planning tool that replaces MinePlan Economic Planner (MPEP). Customers with active MPEP licenses will be upgraded to MPPE Foundation, which includes Pit Optimization and Best-Worst Scheduling modules, at no additional cost. MPPE Pro also includes Strategic Scheduling at an additional cost.

2 Strategic Scheduling allows quick analysis of scheduling criteria

Strategic Scheduling allows quick analysis of key life-of-mine scheduling criteria, as well as stockpile reclaim. It also allows high level analysis of selected pushbacks. It uses the same MILP (Mixed-Integer Linear Programing) optimization engine as MinePlan Schedule Optimizer (MPSO) and can optimize NPV over the life of mine through multi-period scheduling.

3 MPPE features a modern workflow-based interface

MPPE begins a new era in strategic planning. It provides mine planners with the familiar methodology to generate ultimate pits plus an abundance of new functionality when it comes to strategic scheduling. MPPE features a modern interface and allows planners to analyze multiple potential scenarios both in the pit optimization and scheduling process using robust case management tools.

4 Dynamic reporting throughout MPPE

Reports are integrated into the interface and can easily be exported to Excel for inclusion in other documents. Pit-by-pit graphs can also be easily created to identify the ideal ultimate pit. The optimal scheduling tool makes MPPE unique, by bringing the MILP optimization technology that made MPSO the industry standard into the strategic scheduling space for the first time.

Watch an overview video of this exciting new tool at https://youtu.be/5RKWk1vRKGw

Customers can download this release at the client center.

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