View DXF and DWG files directly in MineSight 3D

Guest Blogger, Ian Blumel, MineSight 3D Product Owner

MineSight 3D (MS3D) is the foundation of our mine planning suite and visualizes output from all MineSight products. Its core functionality includes creating and manipulating 2D and 3D data, editing, querying, and plotting/display of all types of geology and mining data.

The recent release of MS3D Version 12.5 brings your modeling closer to reality by addressing a perennial challenge faced by all mines – that of exchanging data in two of the most common formats, DXF and DWG. Speeding up the time to import and extend designs while reducing duplication of information help to guarantee your design’s coherency. With this in mind, Version 12.5 allows teams to save and work with their DXF and DWG data directly within the MineSight Resource Folder. This is now a core feature available to all MineSight customers.

Our first video illustrates saving a DXF from AutoCAD into the MineSight Resource Folder. You can view this data directly in the MineSight Viewer by opening it like any other MineSight object.

Our second video shows how simple it is to see the data in the MineSight Viewer.

The first time you open the DXF, MineSight will ask for information: How do you wish to transform the data using the coordinate transformation system? What layers do you wish to see?

You can snap, query, and operate on this data to extend designs submitted by other departments.

This data is a read-only view on the DXF file. To edit it, you can copy the geometry to an edit object and edit from there.

Our third video shows how to edit the object by copying.

This allows you to preserve the original data in the DXF, but still copy and modify to further your design.

We’re certain the many mines using DXF and DWG files to pass information between departments will appreciate this new core feature. MS3D Version 12.5 will reduce your overhead and increase your ability to put data to work.

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