Up close with Personal Alert

Certain job sites are inherently more dangerous than others, and surface mining operations are no exception. Heavy traffic, large machinery and poor visibility make safety a constant challenge. At Hexagon, we are continually defining what a safe mine looks like. By offering a full suite of safety technologies, we help mine managers in their pursuit of zero harm. One of our newest technologies is HxGN MineProtect Personal Alert.

What is Personal Alert?

Personal Alert is a small device intended to eliminate accidents between pedestrians and heavy machinery. Vehicle operators have 360-degree visibility of all pedestrians wearing the device. The device itself is lightweight and small, so it will not interfere with the workers’ duties. It features a 16-hour battery life to prevent the possibility of failure during a shift.

How Personal Alert works

The use of the Personal Alert requires the application of HxGN MineProtect Collision Avoidance System (CAS) on all surface mining vehicles. It features an integrated cabin display that alerts operators to the proximity of other vehicles. When CAS is combined with Personal Alert, operators also become aware of all pedestrians near their vehicles.

When a pedestrian wearing a Personal Alert tag comes within 50 meters of the vehicle, both the operator and the pedestrian receive an alert that there is a risk of an accident. Personal Alert eliminates the potential for false alarms by automatically deactivating when the vehicle is not in operation.

To learn how to integrate Personal Alert and CAS at your mine, contact Hexagon today.


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