University initiative strengthened in Mexico

For more than a decade, Hexagon has supported and partnered with mining schools and students via sponsorships, scholarships, software licenses and research collaborations. For a company focused on the next decade of innovation and beyond, it makes sense to back the miners of tomorrow.

Global Client Relations Supervisor, Armando Ramirez recently returned from Mexico City and a visit to UNAM (Universidad Autonoma de Mexico). “UNAM is the most important public university in Mexico and Latin America,” said Armando. “It ranks highly among the world’s mining schools and its campus is a UNESCO World Heritage site!”

“I wanted to introduce myself and find out how Hexagon could potentially help the university with its mine planning needs. I was given a tour of the engineering school, labs and classrooms. It was an unforgettable experience.” Hexagon’s MinePlan (formerly MineSight) portfolio comprises suites  covering geology, engineering and production, plus standalone software products for 3D visualization, short/long-term scheduling, activity-based scheduling, ore control, blast design, and surface generation. MinePlan software is based on almost 50 years of development and is used in hundreds of mines worldwide.

Hexagon’s mine planning software is used by UNAM students, helping them to land jobs in the mining industry.

Armando met with faculty staff and learned that MinePlan is already helping UNAM students land mining jobs. “Proficiency in MinePlan software counts for a lot when mines are looking to hire,” said Armando.

Now UNAM wants to go one better by creating a virtual mine in which students can create a ramp or design a pit, thus bringing greater realism to the use of MinePlan. “The virtual mine would be based on information provided by us, including drillhole data,” said Armando. “The advanced students at the university will develop the model of the mine, the ramps etc.”

The school has also requested training dates for its staff. Hexagon has committed to helping on both fronts, said Armando. “We are working on both requests and look forward to strengthening our relationship with UNAM.”

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