Top 7 Takeaways From HxGN LIVE

Not Everything Should Stay in Vegas

Even though I value the whole, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” mantra, I can’t help but spill some of the major highlights from HxGN LIVE 2019.

Nothing says work hard, play hard quite like HxGN LIVE does. The 2019 edition took place at the Venetian Palazzo, which welcomed more than 3,000 attendees through its luxurious doors and into the conference’s grand epicenter at the Sands Expo Convention Center.

Check out my top 7 takeaways to see what it was all about!

1. Data Can Save The World

There’s a lot of data out there and it can get overwhelming quick.

Thankfully, in Hexagon CEO, Ola Rollen’s keynote, “Your Data Can Save the World,” we were given confidence in using the power of data as a tool.

“Businesses that jump on the bandwagon and start looking at scalable sustainability by using data in their processes to reduce CO2 emissions, global footprints and so on, those companies and businesses are going to be the winners.”


2. Digital Reality: The Next Frontier

Seeing the incorporation of digital reality in mining during Geosystems President, Juergen Dold’s, keynote “Beyond Reality. Digital Reality’s Next Frontier,” gave the hot topic more substance than just a “cool” factor.

He depicted how this technology can develop visualizations of underground mines and even go beyond mining.

The pinnacle of his speech though, was the discussion of recent launches and the release of new technology.

3. New Tech Launches for Safety and Survey

In his keynote, Dold mentioned the recently launched BLK247, a real-time sensor that utilizes its 3D mapping capability to auto-detect objects and send alerts.

He also introduced the BLK2GO, which brings digital reality into the palm of your hand.

“We believe the BLK2GO is another great example of how technology will change the behavior in the industry of how we work, to further democratize the reality capture technology into the market, empowering many professionals to make their world machine readable and to ultimately drive your reality your way with the freedom you need.”


Other tech that grabbed people’s attention was the HxGN MineProtect Operator Alertness System Light Vehicle.

Portfolio Manager, Marcos Bayuelo, demonstrated how OAS-LV is used to protect vehicle operators from fatigue and distraction.

Built to keep safety a priority, OAS-LV helps fill the gap to protect light-vehicle operators from fatigue, falling asleep at the wheel or distraction-related incidents.

Find out more in Marcos Bayuelo’s Tech Highlight: Distraction Detection

4. Serious About Safety: Learning From Success

A great example of that successful expansion is Conuma Coal, which this year received the BC Mine Safety Award for its efforts to create safe mines.

Conuma’s Cody Bartkowski presented on why the company is choosing to build better practices with HxGN MineProtect solutions.

“We feel that Hexagon solutions allow us to manage hazards that we previously did not have much insight to and that it truly does make our work environment safer, getting us one step closer to our goal of long-term security.”


5. Fresnillo partners with Hexagon to go Digital by 2023

Safety is only one part of the broader Integrated Life of Mine strategy though.

From left, Mining President Josh Weiss, Fresnillo CIO, Baldomero Gutierrez, Hexagon President and CEO Ola Rollen, Baldomero’s wife, Delfina Mazon Davila and Geosystems President, Juergen Dold.

Which is why it was awesome to hear CIO Baldomero Gutierrez, representing our honoree, Fresnillo, share the success of using solutions from an entire Hexagon portfolio.

6. Getting Hands-On in The Zone

The Zone was designed to show all of this amazing technology in action.

Mining in The Zone

Hexagon’s Haultruck Simulator allowed me to see what it’s like to drive a haul truck equipped with our hardware such as OAS-HV, Reverse Assist and OP Pro.

We also got a chance to see technology from other Divisions on display, really showcasing Hexagon is empowering an autonomous future.

Some people were even brave enough to take flight as a bird over Seattle in a virtual reality demo!

7. Endless Opportunities For Networking

I loved the excitement of attendees as they explained the new ways they learned to leverage Hexagon technology and described the success they had achieved.

While the speakers and The Zone captivated audiences during the day, the after-hours events were some of the most anticipated parts of the convention. Who can blame people? It is Vegas after all!

It was a chance for all divisions and customers to network and socialize, while enjoying what Vegas had to offer. Events included checking out the views from the High Roller, enjoying beverages in the Venetian’s courtyard and dancing the night away at Tao Nightclub! Seeing everybody’s dance moves was one of my favorite ways to end the night.

All in all, it was an incredible experience, and I’m glad I was able to take advantage of all the learning and networking offered during these 4 days. Thank you for being a part of HxGN LIVE 2019! We hope to see you at HxGN LIVE Global 2021.

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