The top three new features in HxGN MinePlan 2020 Release 1

An exciting new integration and added functionality mark HxGN MinePlan’s first major update of 2020.

MinePlan provides powerful 3D modelling, data visualization, and planning for geologists and engineers, supporting seamless workflows from exploration to production and backed by 50 years of innovation in partnership with more than 10,000 global users.

Here are the top three features included in the Release 1 update.


  1. MinePlan 3D integrates with Leica Cyclone 3DR

    Leica Cyclone is a product from a company within Hexagon Geosystems that offers point cloud management, analysis and modelling. This functionality can now be imported and exported directly through MinePlan 3D. This marks the first time MinePlan has included an integration with another Hexagon company.


  1. Schedule Optimizer adds powerful process points tool to customize the process flow

    Process points allows the user to use Python scripting to configure changes to grade, quality and quantities as material passes through a specific location in a process flow. This helps generate a better schedule that accounts for more details in the process flow and makes them part of the optimization. Templates are included for the most common applications and Python lets users customize the script to meet their needs.


  1. The Engineering Suite adds a new reconciliation tool to intersect surfaces
    The reconciliation tool lets users intersect surfaces and calculates the difference between them. Users can now select a starting surface, a bottom surface and a planned surface to find the difference between them. The tool generates reports to see what has been overmined or undermined. This simplifies workflows that would have taken more steps to accomplish in the past.


For a more in-depth explanation of the new features, watch Hexagon’s Jose Sanchez talk about the Release 1 update.

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