The digital answer to equipment maintenance logs

Mine owners and managers invest heavily in their vehicles and other heavy equipment. New assets are costly, so it’s even more important to protect existing assets. Routine maintenance is essential, but it’s not enough by itself to effectively manage risk. It’s also essential to carefully track maintenance and usage data. Transferring maintenance logs and monitoring activities to a software platform is the smartest way to efficiently manage it.

Proactive versus reactive maintenance

Heavily used equipment requires a more active maintenance schedule than equipment used only occasionally. It’s not easy tracking this information using written maintenance logs. Managers must process reams of data submitted daily in an attempt to identify when maintenance tasks must be scheduled. This is reactive and inefficient. In contrast, a software package that automatically tracks asset utilization empowers managers to easily identify which pieces of equipment require routine maintenance. At a glance, managers can identify the maintenance needs of the fleet, enabling them to be proactive, which in turn reduces equipment breakdowns.

Accuracy versus human error

The potential for human error is a major flaw of manual maintenance logs. It’s all too easy for a worker or supervisor recording data about equipment to jot down a wrong number occasionally. Attempting to read manual maintenance logs can also prove futile if the handwriting is illegible. By upgrading to digital equipment maintenance logs, mine managers are better equipped to prevent errors, protect their assets, and proactively run the worksite.

Seamlessly integrate digital equipment maintenance logs into your worksite routine with HxGN MineOperate tablet and software solutions for open pit and underground mines. Track assets precisely, reduce waste and improve efficiency.

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