Snap and clip your point clouds

Guest Blogger, Ian Blumel, MineSight 3D Product Owner

So, you have point cloud scan data, but can’t obtain a useful result without being able to snap, query and slice your point data into something meaningful. Feedback tells us that customers are eager to work closely with their point clouds.

The latest release of MineSight 3D, (MS3D) Version 12.5, addresses this feedback by adding the ability to work closely with point cloud data. MS3D is the foundation of our mine planning suite and visualizes output from all MineSight products. Its core functionality includes creating and manipulating 2D and 3D data, editing, querying, and plotting/display of all types of geology and mining data.

We are always looking for ways to improve the product and Version 12.5 will make your big data sets more useful. This enhancement is available to all MineSight users as a core feature.

Clipping and snapping point cloud data

The video below shows how you can set a 2D clipping plane and use volume clipping to control what you view. We can use volume clipping and, like drillholes, we can operate in 2D with a projection plane.

Video 1: Video of slicing a cavern and digitizing polygons by snapping to the points

This allows you to traverse your point clouds in sections. When you snap to a point cloud you snap to an average location based on the point density.

Video 2: Video of using the 3D filter box

As a sneak peek into the future of point cloud attribute filtering, we added the ability to style your point cloud by elevation based on a cutoff item.

Video 3: Video of displaying color by elevation for a point cloud

We are continuing to work on improving point clouds by allowing point cloud attribute storage in the future, that can be used for generating cutoff views. In the meantime, we believe the point cloud features in MS3D Version 12.5 will help move customers closer to their data.

All data displayed in videos, courtesy of Adam Technology.

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