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Better mine modeling now will save you money later

A mine plan is nothing without a block model, and a general mine planning package is nothing without an integrated geological modeling solution. Hexagon Mining offers the only general mine planning package with an integrated geological modeling solution at the core of the mine planning and production process. Now you can learn how to make modeling your deposit a whole easier.

GeoLogic’s timeline function allows geologists to not only create geologic events, but to quickly and efficiently adjust the geological sequence of those events.

GeoLogic’s timeline function allows geologists to not only create geologic events, but to quickly and efficiently adjust the geological sequence of those events.

New this year to the Mining track at HxGN LIVE in Las Vegas, June 12-15, our pre-conference training workshops will help you improve workflows, learn best practices, and extract greater information from your data.

Combining the strengths of Hexagon’s businesses, HxGN LIVE provides an exciting lineup of innovative technologies, exclusive presentations by industry experts, training, inspiring keynotes from thought leaders, and networking opportunities with peers from around the world.

Geologic Modeling Workflow

In Geologic Modeling Workflow, presented by Senior Mine Planning Specialist, Meghan Hendren, you will review a typical methodology for modeling a deposit, from managing your drillhole database through to interpolating your model. Using our new GeoLogic tool to create an airtight geologic solid model, Sigma for statistics, and Logic to demonstrate the new ease of multi-runs, this workshop will demonstrate workflow improvements. We will highlight the main steps of a geostatistical study, go over model coding and calculations, interpolation techniques, model validation, and resource reporting.

Using GeoLogic, we will demonstrate how geologic events can be not only created, but also how to quickly and efficiently adjust the geological sequence of events using the timeline function.

Validating your model

Efficient mine plans start with a precise geological model. A productive modeling workflow not only saves time and money, but allows for ease with updating and validating the model with new information. Easier updating means less time spent updating the model and in turn the updated model can be passed along to the planning department with the most accurate data as fast as possible. The workflow to be covered in this workshop is one of many ways to streamline geomodeling while using some of our newer tools.

We will take you from collecting and validating drillhole data using MineSight Torque through to geostatistical analysis with Sigma, building air-tight geological solids in a structured timeline with GeoLogic, model coding, interpolation and classification, and finally model validation and resource reporting.

Save time and money

A streamlined geomodeling workflow will save you time and spare you frustration. No one workflow will work with every type of deposit, but a general workflow and effective tools will help keep you on track. From assembling and validating the drillhole data, to performing the geological interpretation, grade interpolation, and model validation, all the steps should flow. Whether on drillhole or model data, validation and statistical analysis catch mistakes early and save time and money later.

Interested in this and other dynamic learning opportunities? Visit our pre-conference workshops page, and register here.

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