Progress Pushes Connected Mine Vision Closer to Reality

Successful mines depend on circulation – circulation of information. Information is the lifeblood of a mine. People and processes are the arteries through which that lifeblood must course. A vital pulse and unfettered movement are essential to that flow. The healthier the circulation, the more robust a mine’s health becomes.

The mining industry has always had to rely on point solutions to remedy its challenges: One company is sought for modeling software while another might address fleet management or blast optimization. Miners must navigate so many obstacles, the idea of one company addressing every challenge with a life-of-mine solution is practically unheard of.

A life-of-mine solution has long been the holy grail of technology companies. That’s why 2017 promises to be an exciting year for Hexagon Mining and for the mining industry. At HxGN Live 2017 and at mining shows around the globe, we will be communicating the next chapter in our story of smart change.

It’s a story that embodies the journey between what is and what should be. The continued integration of our solutions for slope monitoring, geology, planning, fleet management, collision avoidance and fatigue monitoring move our vision of a connected mine closer to reality.

Successful mines no longer seek partial solutions. In Hexagon Mining, they see a company on the path to one digitally integrated solution that harmonizes data from parts of the mining process that were once separated into silos. They see a company taking a uniquely holistic approach to making analytics and business intelligence universal.

So whether it’s our Collision Avoidance System setting the safety standard for Barrick Gold or Jigsaw and MineSight laying the foundation of integration between planning and operations for Grupo México, Hexagon Mining is turning vision into reality. We are the pulse essential to a healthy mine.

This is the shape of progress. Shaping Smart Change.

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