New Split color feature improves fragmentation analysis

Proven fragmentation analysis is integral to continually improving the drill and blast process. HxGN Split from Hexagon provides technologically advanced image-analysis techniques to help mines optimize fragmentation, saving significant costs while improving D&B processes.

New to Split’s solution suite is HSL (Hue, Saturation and Luminance), a color analysis feature that empowers mine operators with real-time detection of ore types.

Real-time tracking of product types allows for immediate decision-making to optimize rock-size reduction and product-type treatments. The new feature further supports operational efforts to improve product throughput and ore recovery. Mining operations continue to maximize existing resources, utilizing value-added technologies.

HSL’s key benefits

  • Monitor product type blending for optimum processing
  • Reduce ore dilution by tracking product source mining
  • Maximize throughput with consistent product delivery to the plant
  • Immediately adjust ore recovery treatments based upon product type

Hue, Saturation and Luminance values are measured during live plant production and provide a statistically relevant sample required to aid decision making. A color wheel is applied to the images to provide calculated HSL values for every processed iteration. Evaluation of the Split HSL values are correlated to the mine geologic product types to find the unique image property signatures.

The HSL values are measured for the image samples to be trended on live operator screens. Step changes in the Split results provide immediate indicators for product type changes that signal the need for operational responses.

Timely decisions to the operating conditions lead to improved plant throughput and product recovery. Additional detailed measurements for individual rock particles can be measured using the same Split HSL measurements to find the ratios of the product type blends.

Drill and blast is a notoriously complex, multi-layered process. HxGN Split’s image processing technology delivers high-quality information, ensuring the key step of fragmentation analysis is managed from drill to mill, thus improving mine profits.

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