Minimizing mining’s operational and maintenance costs

Minimizing operational and maintenance costs is a key business driver in mining. The challenge is doing this in a stressful, ever-changing environment. At the front line are dispatchers responsible for scheduling and assigning work orders to operators and equipment. Their decision-making keeps a fleet running efficiently.

The multitude of fleet management systems available on the market shows that mines are hungry to improve their operational efficiency.

OP Pro is Hexagon’s flagship solution for fleet management. It combines hardware and software for unparalleled insight into production. The latest version, OP Pro 3.0 introduces an all new user interface and experience, as well as peer-to-peer communications to ensure that there are no gaps in network coverage.

OP Pro 3.0 introduces a new onboard UI/UX that allows operators to interact intuitively with the software

In May 2020, Hexagon conducted a three-month trial with dispatchers from Adaro’s PT Saptaindra Sejati mine contractors using the newest advancements in OP Pro, in particular the Optimizer tool.

OP Pro Optimizer is a real-time production optimization tool that helps keep trucks on target. The tool takes a wide range of user and system defined parameters to calculate optimal assignments. This includes shovel and material priorities, capacities, road networks, restrictions, queue times and more.

OP Pro 3.0 brings even more functionality including an enhanced module to manage breaks, detailed logs to show what parameters were considered in calculations and other ease-of-use improvements.

Over the course of the three-month trial, Adaro reduced the number of haul trucks per fleet by two, increased productivity from 91.88% to 103.44% of the plan, and reduced loader hangtime from 12 minutes per hour to seven.

While many factors affect efficiency including operational conditions, infrastructure and dispatcher skill, the data collected in this trial shows some of the real benefits of implementing Optimizer. Production optimization is a differentiating factor from other FMS products.

The data and results are documented in a three-part series (part 1, part 2, part 3) available on LinkedIn. Learn more about how OP Pro can help you increase productivity and do more with less.

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