Miners of Tomorrow – Chase Daniels

In Miners of Tomorrow, we look at how recipients of Hexagon Mining scholarships are faring. Chase Daniels studies Geological Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, CO.

Bring us up to date with your progress at Mines.
I am currently a Junior at Mines where I am studying Geological Engineering in the exploration track. I’ve also just recently been accepted to the Hydrology graduate program at Mines and I hope to graduate with my Master’s in the Spring of 2020.

How did the scholarship come about? Did you apply or were you picked?
I was nominated by Jae Erickson, the thin section lab coordinator on campus, for the Hexagon Mining Scholarship. I’ve been working with Jae since my first semester at Mines and completed an undergraduate research project with him as well. I am extremely grateful for all that Jae has done for me, and was very excited and thankful to have been chosen to receive this scholarship.

Do you use Hexagon Mining technology at Mines?
I do not currently use any Hexagon Mining technology, but I plan on taking a mineral exploration Senior design course where I may be given such an opportunity.

What attracted you to mining as a career?
I’ve been interested in mining since I was in grade school. My grandparents, who have been rockhounds since before I was born, have taken me numerous times to the Mining Hall of Fame Museum in Leadville, CO and the Country Boy Mine in Breckenridge, CO. I hope to work as a mine hydrologist and help prevent disasters like the Gold King incident, near Silverton, CO.

What are your life ambitions beyond career (family? travel?) 
I am currently married, so I would very much like to have a home in the Denver area and a cabin on at least 50 acres. Given the opportunity, I would prefer to stay in Colorado but would also make the move to Alaska or back home to Texas.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?
I try to go hiking at least once a month to decompress. My wife and I also like to spend our free weekends (should I have any) either in the mountains or at home playing video games.

Do you live on campus? What’s fun to do in Golden?
I transferred to Mines and was able to waive the on-campus living requirement for first year students, so I was fortunate enough to have my own apartment as a new student. There are plenty of hiking trails in Golden, and I’ve been told the Coors brewery tour was interesting so we may have to try that someday.

What’s in your iPod?
I played guitar in a metal band in high school, and the majority of what I listen to now hasn’t changed. One genre that will certainly never be found on my playlist is country music.

What’s the last book you read for pleasure? 
Mines rarely allows for free time, all of which I choose to spend outside. I can honestly say I don’t remember the last time I read something other than a textbook for pleasure, but according to my dusty Kindle e-reader it was The Divine Comedy.

Your top three dinner guests, dead or alive? 
As eclectic as my group may be, I would have to say Bruce Lee, Joe Rogan and Cameron Hanes. I feel they would bring the perfect combination of thought-provoking conversation, gut-busting laughter, and stories of both hunting and the unreal physical and mental capabilities of human beings.

Anything else to add? 
I would again like to thank Jae Erickson, without whom I would not have been made aware of this scholarship nor been offered the work and research experiences I’ve had thus far at Mines. I would also like to thank Hexagon Mining and its donors for allowing such a scholarship program to exist, and to let them know that I fully intend to return the favor for future geoscience and mining students.

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