Three exciting features in HxGN MinePlan 2020 Release 2

MinePlan’s second major update of 2020 brings new functionality, improved performance and new integration possibilities. Let’s look at three new features available in this release.

1) MinePlan 3D Reserves 4.0 is faster, better and stronger!

A new, intuitive interface in Reserves 4.0 streamlines the setup process, and improves performance and speed. This benefits users of all MinePlan scheduling tools, such as Schedule Optimizer, Activity Scheduler and Blast. Integration with COMET is now available through a simple export setup in your report options.

2) Blast 4.5 introduces safety exclusion zones.

Blast 4.5 can now create safety zones for personnel and equipment around your blast pattern. Choose the radius for each zone as well as your current surface, and Blast will calculate the exclusion zone solid and line of intersection. These geometries help determine safe areas around your blast design and allow you to export and manipulate existing data with these new geometries.

3) Opening the door to new integration – MineEnterprise Interval Control and MineEnterprise Blast Control.

In MinePlan Release 2 2020 we are enabling seamless and rapid integration with other Hexagon solutions that will deliver value for mining operations. You can now link your schedules and publish blast designs directly to MineEnterprise, closing the loop between planning and operations with a single click.

Please contact technical support to find out more about MinePlan 2020 Release 2 bundle.  For a more in-depth look at what is available, watch Jose Sanchez explain the new developments.

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