LocalDB makes server installation, configuration easy for geologists

By Reza Pakdel, Product Owner, Geomodeling

In the second of a two-part blog, Reza explains how recent improvements to our drillhole database manager will remove the complexities of installing and configuring an SQL Server.

Accurate drillhole data is essential to a mine. Hexagon ensures you can keep this information organized, secure and usable with Torque, now part of the HxGN MinePlan Geology Foundation. Torque’s modern interface and flexibility make it easy to set up, use, and validate the data. User role permissions allow you to manage who has access to view or modify the data, keeping it auditable and secure.

Previously, Torque required installation of SQL Server, which then had to be configured. Installing SQL Server could be time consuming for most users, and configuring one was more complex still, requiring intimate knowledge of SQL Server features and functionality. Typically, a mine’s IT department would handle these issues while the user had limited access permissions on the SQL Server.

We took advantage of SQL Server LocalDB to solve installation and configuration issues, thereby improving your Torque experience.

LocalDB is a zero-configuration installation: The Torque installer and application manage the installation and configuration of LocalDB. Once installed, LocalDB does not require access permissions from your IT department. Local users now have full permission on LocalDB, plus it is fully feature-compatible with the SQL Server. LocalDB backups can be uploaded to SQL Server if you need to share data between multiple users.

For mines that operate without an IT department, LocalDB’s benefits are obvious: users no longer need to deal with installation and configuration. And for customers with an IT department, the need to request permissions for managing their LocalDB is removed.

Forget the complexities of installing and configuring an SQL Server, enjoy full permissions to your LocalDB and easily move the LocalDB backup to the SQL Server as your needs grow with the latest version of Torque, part of the HxGN MinePlan Geology Foundation package.

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