Introducing GeoLogic

Product Manager, Melanie Bolduc introduces GeoLogic, a new product which leverages the power of implicit modeling by sequencing surfaces and solids to create an airtight geological model.

Introducing GeoLogic

The block model is the foundation of all planning tools, and the single source of truth for how mines manage their resources. Classic geomodeling methods can take weeks or months to construct one interpretative scenario. But modern mines do not have the luxury to wait on model updates to make decisions. The trend is to update your model “live” to be streamlined with the rest of the planning process.

In a video interview, Product Manager, Melanie Bolduc explains how GeoLogic leverages the power of MineSight Implicit Modeler by sequencing surfaces and solids to create an air-tight geological model.

Hexagon Mining introduces GeoLogic. GeoLogic leverages the power of implicit modeling by sequencing surfaces and solids to create an airtight geological model. The outcome is an entirely reproducible, auditable geological model that can be quickly updated with new information. Fully integrated with the MineSight Planning Suite, GeoLogic provides geologists with smart, time-saving modeling.

Implicit modeling itself is an industry trend. It’s still relatively new and has gained momentum in the last two to three years. It has become an accepted method of geomodeling and is on its way to be the standard for most mines.

GeoLogic saves time by allowing geologists to explore multiple interpretative scenarios, and build complex shapes directly from drillholes, rapidly and accurately. It allows a geologist to build a timeline of geological events to produce a series of interconnected MineSight solids and surfaces, ready to code your block model.

Hexagon Mining created GeoLogic with a modeling geologist workflow in mind. It features a smart vein-set creation and strata-layer stacking methodology based on MineSight’s true thicknesses functionality. GeoLogic automatically manages fault blocks and unconformities, and is powered by the industry-standard radial basis function (RBF). It allows you to improve the turnaround time in delivery interpretative scenarios. The time savings are even more significant when it comes to updating a model with the latest field information.

GeoLogic offers an intuitive approach to geomodeling, maintaining a fine balance between user control and guidance. It also improves our versatile geology solution, enabling geologists to move seamlessly and risk-free from secure data storage, data interpretation, data statistics, and data interpolation, with integrated functionalities.

Features and benefits

  • Creates airtight geological model ready to code the block model
  • Offers geological relationship approach to modeling with intuitive workflows
  • Integrated with Torque for seamless updates from new drillhole information
  • Integrated with MineSight 3D
  • Reproducible geological model
  • Auditable geological model
  • Allows for case management scenarios
  • leverages Potential Field algorithm for surface orientation
  • Offers full user controls
  • Handles faults and complex geology
  • Handles branching veins type deposits
  • Handles stratigraphic layers deposits
  • True thickness calculations and true thickness interpolation
  • Supports weathering, unconformity and intrusions
  • Grade shells support
  • Leverages an improved rapid RBF algorithm
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to learn

We will be demo-ing the solution at HxGN LIVE in Las Vegas, June 13-16, 2017. For more information, email

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