Internet of Things: Creating scalable IoT platforms

Guest blogger, Carl Brackpool, Innovation Specialist, Product Management

With the next industrial revolution, more than 10 billion connected “things” will be used in industry by 2020. The result is massive data streams and intelligent machines that learn to be smarter, safer, and more efficient – all, in a fully autonomous world of operations. The problem is businesses are scrambling to plan and spend for this future, afraid they’ll trail competitors if they don’t make significant capital expense commitments in the short term.

Mining is still reeling to understand how a prior costly spend to migrate data to expensive cloud architectures, over the last five years, has yet to provide actionable information that’s better than real-world expertise at the mine manager level. Digitizing our industry, away from spreadsheets and decades-old, highly predictable, processes, is complicated. Adding a buzzword like “IoT” is already colliding with skepticism. Hexagon Mining believes that true integration starts with scaling what you already have, to prevent costly regrets later.

Our IoT message is simple: You don’t need a complete overhaul to be savvy and competitive. Customers already have an IoT platform and it’s called, “Process Automation,” a complex system of end-point sensors and machines producing data across the legacy networks.

Hexagon Mining sees the real value as helping customers plan for more connected assets and workers. We see gateways to affordable, systems enhancements. Critical to your success is all assets from a variety of vendors, talking to each other. We promote data engines to take full advantage of interoperability, from planning, to operations, to market.

Don’t let anyone sell you on a complete, expensive system with decades of implementation. At Hexagon’s user conference, HxGN LIVE in Las Vegas, June 13-16, we will show you a fully scalable IoT platform that begins with making your existing investment smarter, scaling only as fast as your budget allows and driven by proving each phase pays for itself before embarking on the next milestone in an IoT roadmap that you define.

For more on this presentation and other sessions at HxGN LIVE, view our sessions catalog and conference website.

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