HxGN Interact Mobile App

Augmented reality (AR) enables you to view the real world environment through computer generated visuals and sounds.

Explore our innovative H2O Solution through the dynamic world of AR. The H2O Solution is a comprehensive water infrastructure management solution comprised of Hexagon technologies from Intergraph® and Leica Geosystems. The H2O Solution is designed to monitor and protect critical water infrastructure such as dams and reservoirs – see how the H2O Solution works in 3D through our HxGN Interact App!

Ready to Interact?
To experience the H2O Solution through the world of AR, locate the trigger image on Page 28 of Hexagon’s 2012 Annual Report.

Step 1Download the HxGN Interact App from Apple’s App Store (Currently, only available for Apple devices)

Step 2: Once you download the HxGN Interact App, launch the app

Step 3:  Align the corner indicators found on the trigger image inside Hexagon’s Annual Report with your Apple device and watch the AR effect in action.