HxGN MinePlan Release 1 2023 introduces innovative block model management solution and more

The MinePlan development team has been hard at work, listening to client feedback and making changes to improve our product suite. The first MinePlan release of 2023 includes a brand-new product and a host of new features and fixes across a range of our existing tools.

HxGN MinePlan Block Model Manager

This release will introduce HxGN MinePlan Block Model Manager, a solution that addresses the complex challenges associated with ore body data management. With MinePlan Block Model Manager, users can quickly populate, manage, and share block models from HxGN MinePlan 3D and third-party systems. One of the key features of HxGN MinePlan Block Model Manager is its new API, which simplifies integration with other systems enabling data interoperability. This means you no longer need to manually import or export block model data, streamlining the process and saving valuable time. To remain at the forefront of technology changes, we are continuously modernising MinePlan, ensuring that it remains a leading-edge solution that fits seamlessly into the modern digital ecosystems that our clients are investing in, making it adaptable to your changing needs. Stay tuned for further updates on the exciting possibilities enabled by MinePlan Block Model Manager and instructions on how to upgrade.


Figure 1. HxGN MinePlan Block Model Manager running alongside MinePlan 3D.

What’s new in MinePlan 3D

Preparing cuts for long-term scheduling can be a time-consuming process. This is particularly true for larger bulk commodity deposits where there are multiple pits designed that stretch over a large mining area. These pits could have different origin positions and cut dimensions. The MinePlan 3D Auto Cut Generation tool has been enhanced to allow for batch configuration of cut parameters. This will allow planning engineers to configure the cut parameters for all their pits in the first step of their workflow and run the batch of cut operations in the next step.



Figure 2. The Auto Cut Generation function can now be run in batch mode to simplify operations for disperse deposits.

What’s new in the HxGN MinePlan Geosciences Suite

This MinePlan release includes the ability to back-code geologic solids to drillholes, creating new intervals that the solids intersections. This has been a long-requested feature that will better enable field exploration planning, support superior reconciliation of geologic domain models, and improve geostatistics resolution.


Figure 3. The results of MinePlan Geologic can be coded to drill holes. Users can validate results of coding operations in MinePlan 3D.

Our HxGN MinePlan GeoLogic implicit modelling solution has further undergone several enhancements, which will result in more realistic geologic models in complex geological settings, particularly in environments with complex faulting.

What’s new in HxGN MinePlan Schedule Optimizer

Restrict the availability of roads by phase and elevation

Road availability by bench elevation has been added to allow further control of your material routing.


Figure 4. Road availability can be toggled by segment and bench elevation in MinePlan Haulage.

Sarah Hooper, Senior MinePlan Advisor, explains the new functionality in MinePlan Schedule Optimizer (MPSO) in a Tech Tip video.

Update the model location without resetting the schedule

The ability to update the model location without resetting the schedule will allow the user to define the new file path of a Block Model without having to reset the schedule, if the block model is moved to a new location. This will enable users to use the latest features in MinePlan Schedule Optimizer, such as destination coding if they need to move their block model to a new location.


Figure 5. Changing models in MinePlan Schedule Optimizer is made easier through a new update option.

Destinations’ ramps are directionless for in-lift cycle time calculation

MinePlan Schedule Optimizer no longer requires users to set the destination ramps in a specific direction (from source to destination), eliminating unnecessary setup requirements.


Figure 6. Generating more accurate in-lift cycle times has been simplified.

Additional equipment usage report to show truck/shovel data

Now that MinePlan Schedule Optimizer supports shovel scheduling, additional equipment information fields have been added, providing more comprehensive reporting.


Figure 7. Reporting has been expanded to include options for tracking workload of individual shovels.

What’s new in HxGN Mineplan Activity Scheduler

Process points and blending-optimised layers can work together now!

Process Points is a destination type that can perform basic or complex calculations, allowing users to model complex routing scenarios, such as routing by material type or pebble rejects sorting point for the mill. Blending Optimized Layers is a module inside MinePlan Activity Scheduler that allows the user blending of material coming from different sources to hit tonnage, volume and grade targets.


Figure 8. Routing logic defined in process points can be used alongside optimisation objectives and constraints in MinePlan Activity Scheduler.

These two features can now work together! This is a great addition for operations that needs to model complex routing scenarios and hit blending targets at the same time.

Alberdin Quintana, Team Lead, Sr. Mine Planning Spc/Srvc, explains the new functionality in MinePlan Activity Scheduler (MPAS) in a Tech Tip video.


Adds LCM and HCM to constraints and objectives for optimisation

HxGN MinePlan Activity Scheduler works with three different types of volumes: BCM (Bench Cubic Metres), LCM (Loose Cubic Metres), and HCM (Haul Cubic Metres). MinePlan users can now run a blending scenario maximising HCM and LCM volume and using HCM and LCM as constraints.


Figure 9. All volume options are now available as constraints in MinePlan Activity Scheduler.

Check out Hexagon’s Mining division’s Customer Community for a complete list of updates to HxGN MinePlan, and to download the latest release.









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