Five can’t-miss sessions to shape your knowledge at HxGN LIVE

Thousands of business leaders attend HxGN LIVE each year to learn and be inspired by some of the world’s foremost innovators. Mining attendees can learn more about the technology that is shaping smart change, helping mines to cut costs, improve safety, and increase productivity. The full catalog of our technical sessions is available to preview, but here are five can’t-miss presentations to whet your appetite!

Mining on a new plane: The proliferation of local remote spectral imaging in mining, by Hexagon’s Johnny Lyons-Baral and Headwall Photonics

June 13, 11.30-noon

Geologists and engineers use proximal and remote hyperspectral mineral identification to classify, log, map, and model geological materials from subsurface drill core and the earth’s surface. The aim is to: target higher grade and quality material, prioritize dig sites and mined material destinations, map low- versus high-value geological material, improve safety through highwall stability analysis, and reduce deleterious materials from mineral processing. Hexagon’s Johnny Lyons-Baral will explain hyperspectral imaging’s use in mineral identification for geologic exploration, mining grade control, slope stability and mineral processing.


Introducing UG Pro, your eyes and ears in a digitally optimized underground mine, by Hexagon’s Carl Brackpool

June 14, 10-10.30 a.m.

As mines push deeper beneath the surface for deposits, the need for better communication and collaboration increases. Complexities that may be easier to overcome above ground, require domain expertise and often non-scalable customized solutions, below. As data from a growing number of instruments, humans, and mobile assets needs to be outside the mine for analysis, the network infrastructure and software to collect and process these packets become chokepoints for true underground mining optimization and safety. Hexagon’s Carl Brackpool presents HxGN MineOperate UG Pro, the only modular system in the underground mining market for tracking machines, miners, and their shift-level workflow. Your mine’s ability to digitize processes and react to workflow changes in real time means optimized operations, and safer management of assets and fleet.


Tag, you’re worth it! Saving lives and livelihoods with Personal Alert, by Hexagon’s Marcos Bayuelo

June 14, 8.30-9 a.m.

The mining industry demands world-class operational performance, not only in productivity but for safety too. Corporate and governmental safety regulations are increasing the pressure on mines to improve safety for personnel and assets. HxGN MineProtect Personal Alert is the first accident-avoidance device worn by field personnel using the reliability and precision of Time-of-Flight technology. Hexagon’s Marcos Bayuelo will explain how Personal Alert helps eliminate blind spots by its integration with Hexagon’s Collision Avoidance System, which is used in more than 25,000 mining vehicles worldwide. Anyone working around heavy machinery will now be visible using Personal Alert and operators will see anyone within 50 meters of their vehicles.


Choose life! How Asset Health keeps machinery running longer in a fully optimized fleet, by Hexagon’s Carl Brackpool

June 13, 10-10.30 a.m.

Mines are digitizing every aspect of their operations, but some companies still use paper maintenance logs for their large machinery. Without connectivity, the operator in the cab is only exchanging information with dispatch at the end of the shift. Machines are failing prematurely against maintenance schedules without explanations. In some cases, when a machine fails it is difficult to find a replacement to fill in. At the same time, customers are paying for machines with far more sensors than ever before, but that exponential data isn’t converted into actionable information. Hexagon’s Carl Brackpool introduces HxGN MineEnterprise Asset Health, an Enterprise-level platform of servers and data-loggers that will extend the life of mobile equipment. Asset Health will implement deep-data analytics with neural networking using complex, proprietary algorithms to enable pattern recognition from highly disparate onboard and environmental datasets. This level of predictive maintenance will enable repair engineers to plan and prevent for down-time and lost revenue, ultimately enabling optimization for the entire mine fleet.

Sleepless in Minnesota: How to design a mine plan in 48 hours, by Wildcat Mining Consultants

June 14, 10.30-11 a.m.

Faced with a problem statement and a couple of curveballs thrown in along the way, mining engineering students from the University of Arizona created a mine plan in two sleepless days with a little help from Hexagon. It was good enough to finish second among 16 schools at this year’s SME/NSSGA Student Design Competition in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Not bad for a team that had never previously made it to the top six! Team members will explain how they did it using Hexagon Mining mine planning software.

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