What’s in a name?

Naming products is hard. Just ask any of the 500,000 businesses that open each month in the United States! Renaming products though is arguably harder. That was the challenge facing Hexagon Mining when it formed in 2015. Four great brands combined, each of them with established product lines that carried significant name recognition in the industry.

Replacing those names was never going to be easy. Aside from the costs of trademarking and rebranding, there are emotional ties to consider. Names can represent tradition, history, and quality. The familiarity of a good name can be a comfort to employees and customers alike.

However, Hexagon Mining‘s vision is to be the number-one smart technology partner for integrated life-of-mine solutions. From Day 1, our mission has been to shape smart change by optimizing design, planning, and operations for safer more productive mines.

Maintaining separate product lines contradicts those core tenets of integration and optimization. You should not have to waste time deciphering disparate brands to find the solutions you need to achieve increased productivity and improved safety at your mines.

Easy to buy and easy to use is our mantra. That‘s why today we have drastically simplified how you evaluate our solutions across the lifecycle of your mines. This includes a re-organization of our product portfolio that consolidates products into streamlined solution packages.

As well as a new, descriptive naming convention, we have introduced subscription licensing, improved user interfaces, and strengthened support and services. With intuitive names that replace disconnected legacy brands, our products are aligned across the following portfolios:

  • Planning – HxGN MinePlan
  • Operations – HxGN MineOperate
  • Safety – HxGN MineProtect
  • Enterprise – HxGN MineEnterprise

We hope you’ll soon become familiar with the new names and the new look, whether online, at tradeshows or via sales, marketing, services and support. Like great customers, great technology deserves a great brand. I am excited that we now have a portfolio shaped to your priorities and processes.

Click here for a cheat sheet of new names vs. old names to get you started. And please take a moment to watch our latest video, which captures the changes announced today.

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