3 ways machine operators can improve their performance levels

Whether you’re a machine operator who is interested in being more productive at work or a site supervisor who wants to boost team performance, there are several ways to increase productivity.

Installing systems in machines that monitor driver performance, such as proximity detection systems, can help. They make it easier for operators to monitor safety and collision avoidance. These tips will also help machine operators boost performance levels.

There’s always more to learn: Training helps!

1. Increased training

Not knowing the details of specific pieces of equipment can significantly slow operations. At a minimum, every operator should thoroughly read and understand the operation and maintenance manuals of every piece of equipment they use in the workplace. Similarly, no one should operate any kind of machinery in the field without first receiving hands-on training. This kind of training should happen at the beginning of any job, but operators and supervisors alike should make ongoing training part of their responsibilities. Practice and manual reviews off the jobsite can boost confidence and knowledge in a way that allows for faster operations onsite.

2. Pre- and post-operation checks

Checking machinery before and after operating it will help to prevent unexpected downtime and lost working hours. By pinpointing a potential issue before you start using a piece of equipment, you can make repairs before getting stuck with a problem in the middle of operation. Checking the post-operation status of the equipment will also help to prevent problems from occurring for the next person who uses the machinery.

3. Technology

There are countless new technologies that make it safer and more efficient to operate machinery. Operators can set their profiles so that they need not make multiple adjustments before they start working; guidance, telematics, and many other technologies improve operation capabilities.

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