Time is the essence of a digitally connected mine

In mining, timing is everything. Aligning all the steps in the mining process for a streamlined workflow is essential to maximizing potential. So too is integrating the solutions for those steps. Smart mines therefore know the value of time saved and the cost of time lost.

Data is the key to helping mines save time and money. Right now, mines have more data than ever emanating from every part of an operation. What many mines don’t have is a digital strategy to analyze that data and transform it into actionable information.

According to Deloitte’s Tracking the Trends report, mining companies are starting to explore the potential benefits of digitization as a way to improve the way they operate.

The report states: “Embracing digitization involves more than just investing in apps and solutions. To thrive in the digital future, mining companies should articulate a clear digital strategy, define a supporting digital architecture and foster the right skills and capabilities.”

We couldn’t agree more! Hexagon Mining is committed to helping customers execute a digital strategy. At HxGN LIVE in Las Vegas, June 13-16, we will articulate that strategy. We will showcase technologies that transform data into actionable information. Easy to buy and easy to use, our technologies not only reduce costs, improve safety and increase productivity, they are the catalyst for connecting all parts of a mine, embedding intelligence and enabling visualization in real time for smarter decision making.

We are equally serious about safety. We also will unveil our Vehicle Intervention System, (VIS) another important step towards mitigating the costly consequences of accidents.

We hope the time you spend at HxGN LIVE will inspire you, and pave the way to a digital future.

Helping shape the potential of the digital mine – now that’s shaping smart change.

Hélio Samora
President, Hexagon Mining

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